5 Tips for Planning your Dream Mountain Elopement

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So you’re thinking about getting married in the mountains & don’t know where to start. These 5 Tips for Planning your Dream Mountain Elopement will get you on the right track to making your mountain wedding spectacular & memorable! There is so much more to consider, but these tips will come in handy!

1. Find & book your photographer first so you can set your date around their availability to ensure you get someone awesome for photos & they can have input on locations, vendor referrals etc. Although you might be tempted to contact the venue or a wedding planner first, a local photographer will have keener insight into the best locations & best time day of day to get the best photos, not just going with a conventional timeline for convenience sake. Time of day is also a huge consideration for getting to super popular destinations like Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Peyto Lake etc. If getting amazing photos is really important to you, I really can’t stress this part enough. No one else will know what is best for photos than the photographer whose style you like. & those conditions will vary from photographer to photographer.

5 Tips for Planning your Dream Mountain Elopement Moraine Lake elopement summer wedding photography

2. Think about the season & time of day you want to be outside for portraits. The sun sets around 10:30 pm in Banff in late June & on the longest day in December, the sun sets around 4 pm… that’s quite a difference! Same goes for sunrise… super early in the summer, much later in the day for winter. Plan for the best light even if it isn’t convenient! The photos will look that much better for it! Want that crazy blue mountain lake water? It looks way better in portraits closer to sunrise or sunset. Harsh overhead mid-day light in the spring & summer months is not flattering for photos. Mid-day is more favourable in the winter because the light is weak & you don’t have to worry about getting the colour of the water since the lakes are frozen ;). Timing the light is crucial!

5 Tips for Planning your Dream Mountain Elopement magical winter wonderland wedding portraits night emerald lake lodge twilight snow

3. Write personal vows to each other. They really make it all that much more special. Even if you are doing an officiated ceremony, work in your own vows… or find an awesome spot while you are doing portraits & read them to each other when you’re alone, just for you. It’s amazing the emotions you will feel when hearing your love speak these words to you. Prepare for a few tears! You don’t have to do fancy vow books, a plain piece if paper will do, but if you do want some fancy vow books, there’s lots on Etsy!

5 Tips for Planning your Dream Mountain Elopement Emerald Lake Lodge winter outdoor wedding ceremony at the snowy Viewpoint vows

4.Get ready together… after all being together is what it’s all about! If you choose to do getting ready photos, these will be some of your favourites! When you’re eloping you get to make the rules, why are you hiding from each other on one of the most important days of your relationship? You’re in this adventure together! Take it a step further & walk the processional to your ceremony together!

5 Tips for Planning your Dream Mountain Elopement Bride & groom getting ready for wedding together

Snowy winter elopement at Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho National Park. Outdoor winter wedding ceremony at the Viewpoint overlooking mountains & forest.

5. Pack extra shoes to climb in… pretty shoes are hard to scramble over rocks in (that goes for both of you)! And if you’re in the mountains, the best photo spots are far from the sidewalk so you’re going to have to do at least a little walking! For winter, this means warm winter boots & sometimes you’ll need ice cleats. Be prepared with something you can walk & climb in, you can always change to your dress shoes later if you really want to.

5 Tips for Planning your Dream Mountain Elopement icefields parkway elopement bride & groom wearing hiking boots

Following these 5 Tips for Planning your Dream Mountain Elopement will help create the most amazing experience for your wedding day when you get married in the Canadian Rocky Mountains! If you’re having trouble deciding where to get married in the Canadian Rocky Mountains now that you’re inspired after reading these 5 Tips for Planning your Dream Mountain Elopement, check out my Guide to Eloping in the Canadian Rockies to narrow down the area that would be best for you!

Looking for a little mountain elopement inspiration? Take a peek at this early autumn elopement in Lake Louise & Moraine Lake. Get inspired by this Icefields Parkway summer elopement. Enjoy the snow with this winter wonderland elopement at Emerald Lake Lodge. Check out this autumn wedding in Banff! Been thinking about eloping at Moraine Lake but you’re heard how difficult it has become? Check out How to Elope at Moraine Lake without a lot of stress to get some helpful tips to make the elopement planning process easier!

I’m here to help make your mountain elopement experience easier! I have photographed hundreds of weddings, elopements & engagement sessions in the mountains but I have also planned my own dream mountain vow renewal as well, so I’ve stood in your shoes (although I bet you have littler feet) & know the process from both sides!

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