I'd like to think my photo style is carefree, adventurous & romantic. Ok, maybe just a little bit magical too. Happy photos make me happy. I like things to look on the lighter side. If you're looking for dark, moody & earthy bronze tones, you're not going to find that here. I love true & natural colours, especially blues & greens. I'm also super uptight about focus!

I love showing you off in beautiful landscapes! I'm all about the beauty of the environment, so there are lots of wide, sweeping landscape images... but I know showing you is important too. So I do both! I will also do photograph details if you have them. It's not a big deal if you don't either. It's not something I obsess over. I care far more about photographing people & their interactions than just the random stuff you bought for the day... besides, all of that looks better on you anyway.

I'm going to talk a lot. Like more than I ever do when I'm not holding a camera. The chatter can get a little (lot) inappropriate. All that talking & laughing & joking is to help you feel way more comfortable in front of the camera & I think it shows! You'll doing silly things, stuff that you'd probably never do, but trust in the process!

I'm really into guiding & posing the people in my photos. Most people don't know what to do in a photo so I help you along. Geesh, even I have no idea what to do when I'm being photographed. I think 99% of us need a little help in looking our best in photos! Like where the heck should I put my hands? Really?! But I try hard so it doesn't look tooooooo posed.

A cat mom, Slytherin & elopement wedding photographer for adventurous couples who want to shout their love from the literal mountaintops of Banff National Park & beyond.

Growing up, my family & I were nomadic. We were always purging & packing getting ready for the next move. Because we moved so much & had to leave so many things behind, I don't have many momentos from my childhood, that means no photos either. Being the second child also meant I wasn't photographed a lot. There are big chunks of my life where no photos of me exist & that's why I feel it's so important for you to be in photos, whether you like being photographed or not so that you have something to look back at when the memories eventually fade.

When our wandering hearts got a little pooped & we dreamed of “home home,” it was my parents’ house in Newfoundland that unfailingly called us back every time. There, on top of a tree-covered hill at the base of a mountain with a view of the ocean, I fell in love with the magic of nature, even if I didn’t realize it or appreciate it at the time. 

Today, I use that love of nature as the backdrop for my art.

Since 2007, I’ve had the word “photographer” on my proverbial business card & every moment I’ve spent with a camera in hand has been an absolute blast! Whether I’m battling the wind on the shores of Abraham Lake or knee-deep in frigid Lake Louise to get a better angle, telling love stories in some of the most mindblowing landscapes the world has to offer never gets old. Blizzard or blazing sunshine. Wind or rain. Even after living in their shadow for over 15 years, driving into the Canadian Rockies still makes my heart race & my face beam. The way each couple I meet brings a unique energy to a place so familiar leaves me absolutely invigorated to create.

When I’m not slowly trekking up a mountain for a wedding ceremony, making hordes of tourists magically disappear from the background or editing away on my latest gallery (with Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban on in the background, of course), you can catch me rediscovering my love of snowboarding, traveling to see my favorite bands, volunteering at my local animal shelter or just curling up cozy (in one of the too many blankets I own) with my cats, headphones & a good book.

If I were to gaze into the Mirror of Erised through my camera, it would reveal my deepest, most desperate desire to be creating & capturing pure joy & happiness. Capturing wild, fearless, enchanting love like yours is my passion & exploring nature - with dirt, bugs & sticks in my hair - is my truest joy! So pack up your hiking boots and your Badgley Mischkas & let’s go on an adventure & make some memories!

Meet Beth

Albus Dumbledore

"Let us step into the night
and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure."