12 Steps to Maximize the Impact of each Blog Post you Craft


12 Steps to Maximize the Impact of each Blog Post you Craft

If you’re anything like me, you really don’t like blogging. You’ll do pretty much anything you can to avoid sitting down at a computer & trying to get a meaningful blog post together to be worth all of the effort you put into it. I mean, you spend all that time picking photos & trying to write well for it go out one day & then just sort of fizzle out. That’s not super motivating. After struggling with this problem myself for more years than I care to mention, I created a process that I actually use that will get the most bang out of each blog post I write. Think of this as a kickass checklist to total world domination. Ok, maybe not that, but it really is an awesome list to help you get the most out of each blog post you write.

12 Steps to Maximize the Impact of each Blog Post you Craft

Blog Post Steps (2.5 – 3 hours to completion)

  1. Select favourites from Pixieset or whatever gallery you use (usually 30-50 per post), download favourites folder (20 minutes)
  2. Separate horizontal & vertical images into separate folders, then run photoshop batch action to resize images to 2048px on the long side (15 minutes) I made my own action, super easy to do!
  3. Batch images in JPEGMINI after resize to reduce file size (5 minutes)
  4. Choose keyword string for post, rename images using keywords in bridge – eg. 01-banff-winter-elopement-photos (5 minutes)
  5. Create word doc with alt tags for blog post. Update doc with Pinterest titles & keyworded descriptions to be used for pinning (5-10 minutes)
  6. Write blog post using template outline, optimize to get green light in yoast (45 minutes).
  7. Once published, share link to facebook with 5 images (5 minutes)
  8. Upload all images to google my business. Write a new GMB post sharing the link. (10 minutes)
  9. Select 15-25 images and do bulk pin to pinterest through tailwind spacing out over upcoming 2 weeks & add the pins to SmartLoop. (30 minutes). You can do bulk pins directly in pinterest & schedule them out yourself if you don’t want to use tailwind!
  10. Create 5-7 mini blog in canva & share to Instagram stories through later with swipe up link. Save mini post in highlights (20-30 minutes) (post new image to feed directing to stories possibly if you want to do a little more within instagram?)
  11. Share on LinkedIn with a short blurb & attaching a couple photos (2 minutes)
  12. Tweet link with a short blurb & attach one photo (2 minutes)

That’s pretty much it! A couple hours of your time & your post will garner a much wider reach over a longer period of time! If you don’t use twitter or linkedin (or facebook, instagram or pinterest), feel free to substitute another platform or just leave those steps out! Don’t think you have the attention span to do all of these steps? Just start with a few & work your way up! Take these 12 Steps to Maximize the Impact of each Blog Post you Craft & just start writing!

This is the first article in a series to help Creatives thrive in realm of marketing & SEO. Check back in the Learning tab to see more helpful advice to grow your business! I’d love to hear about your experience trying out my 12 Steps to Maximize the Impact of each Blog Post you Craft, just shoot me e-mail!

DISCLOSURE: Please keep in mind that I might receive commissions when you click my links & make purchases. However, this does not impact my reviews or endorsements. I will only endorse products & services that I actually use myself & that I wholeheartedly believe in.

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