Choose the Collection that best suits your needs to cover your elopement or intimate wedding day!
Add extra hours if needed. Add an engagement session. Add an album or wall art. 
Products can also be purchased after your wedding through the online gallery.
A quick timeline review can help you determine how much time you need to photograph your wedding day. Just ask! I'm happy to help!

4 continuous hours of wedding photography with Beth
hi-res files via digital download
shareable online gallery

6 continuous hours of wedding photography with Beth  
hi-res files via digital download
shareable online gallery

8 continuous hours of wedding photography with Beth
hi-res files via digital download
shareable online gallery










10 continuous hours of wedding photography with Beth
hi-res files via digital download
shareable online gallery
40-page 12x12 vintage album




* not available for events with more than 30 guests



Additional Hours


each additional hour
of photography with Beth

a 90 minute engagement session in the Banff/Canmore area

Additional Products & their pricing is available through the online gallery.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars.
PLEASE NOTE: All Products and services are subject to 5% GST (goods & services tax)

important information

Expect to cuddle & laugh a whole lot. Mostly with each other (I won’t make you cuddle with me). Also expect to hear some really bad jokes to make you laugh. Sometimes it gets a little (a lot!) inappropriate (sorrynotsorry). And you’re going to nose wrestle. It’s way more fun than it sounds & it creates a whole lot of photo magic. Seriously.

While my photos mostly look natural & unposed, they really aren’t! I pose & guide you in almost all of the portraits. Sometimes what I ask you to do will feel ridiculous. Sometimes you’re going to feel like a pretzel (I like to call it pretzel arms!). I’m going to tell you where to put your hands & where to kiss (forehead kisses rule!), but in the end it will look & feel natural. I feel like most people need some coaching to not look or feel awkward while they are being photographed!

I expect for you to be a little adventurous & be willing climb, hike & scramble over things to get great backgrounds. You can expect to get a little bit dirty (not entirely filthy, but taking photos in nature can get dirty, especially if there's been rain or snow recently). You can expect for me to walk through rivers, wade in icy mountain lakes, cling to the side of mountains & freeze my fingers off in the snow to get great photos of you. There’s some give & take!

A contract is required to book a wedding (boring, but important!). The contract is completed online (super easy!).  A retainer is also required to complete the booking process. The retainer for an intimate wedding or elopement wedding is 50% of the total package price & the final 50% is due 2 weeks before the wedding.

Payments can be made via credit card (for international clients) or e-mail money transfer (for clients in Canada). E-mail money transfers are my preferred method of payment, although credit card is also available for Canadian clients upon request & may be subject to a convenience fee. I also do online invoices. So it’s easy (there’s a trend here!).

Expect to receive 60-90 final finished images for each hour that I am photographing. Only the best edited images are delivered. Unedited photos & RAW files are not available. For a 6 hour wedding you can expect to receive 360-540 edited images. There will be lots of photos to help you remember the day! 

Each Collection comes with an online gallery that is active for three months that you can share with family & friends to view. You are able to download your hi-res files from this gallery. I want people to have access to your photos to see them. You can also order prints, metal prints, albums, cards & canvasses from the online gallery.

Sneak peeks are posted to Instagram & Facebook within a few days of the wedding for you to show off to the world & brag about how amazing your day was.

No matter what the weather, we will do most of your portraits outside. I do my best work in nature. I’m not afraid of snow & wind & ice. I have blankets to help keep you warm, I stock umbrellas to keep the rain off & we’ll hide behind things to block the wind a little. I just feel that indoor photos don’t compare to the beauty of photographing outside & I want to give you my best. If you aren’t willing to work through the elements with me, I’m likely not the right photographer for you.

When you hire ENV Photography, it's just me, Beth, photographing. I do not work with assistants or second shooters on your wedding day. This decision was made to ensure consistency & quality. We will work together to plan your day to make sure I can cover everything you want photographed in the amount of time your Collection includes without feeling rushed.

As a general guideline, a 4 hour package would cover ceremony & portraits in several locations. A 6 hour package would cover some getting ready (at the same venue), the ceremony & portraits in several locations. An 8 hour package would cover both getting ready, ceremony, portraits at several locations & some reception coverage. Or you can opt for going to lots of locations for portraits if you don't have any dinner/reception plans that you want covered. No wedding day is exactly the same though, so I'd love to help you figure out what you need for coverage & how the timeline of the day will play out for photos for you.

Keep lighting in mind for when you plan the outdoor elements of your day. You'll want to avoid harsh mid-day light to get the best photos. The sun sets around 10 pm in June & the light is gone around 4 pm in December. I'm more than happy to help you figure out when to get the best light for your ceremony & portraits. Before you book your officiant & lock-in your ceremony time, let's discuss timing first! The best time of day for photos isn't always the most convenient if you have guests or a reception, but if you are travelling to the mountains to get married, it's something very important to consider to get you the best photos.

We will keep in touch leading up to & after your wedding. The better we know each other, the more comfortable we will be. It will make standing in your underwear putting on your dress way less awkward (but it’s still a little awkward). A few weeks before the wedding we will phone chat/e-mail excessively to go over your final timeline to make sure nothing is missed.